Source Mask Optimization


SUSS has introduced  a new technology to control the angular spectrum using illumination filter plates (IFP) in the exposure optics. The optimum IFP design depends on feature dimensions, feature shapes and the proximity gap. The optimum combination of IFP design and mask layout  improves the quality of the lithography process. Simulation is essential for this source-mask optimization.


LAB supports the different SUSS mask aligner models with their exposure optics by a database with measured source shapes. The new MO exposure optics with the set of standard illumination plates is  available. It is possible to simulate a mask layout using the different source shapes and determine which is the best for the specific mask and exposure conditions. It is also possible to optimize the IFP design in combination with the mask layout and produce a customized IFP. LAB and the new SUSS MO exposure optics enable the so called “source-mask-optimization” known from  advanced projection lithography for iC manufacturing.