SÜSS-MicroOptics Source Mask Optimisation


SÜSS has introduced the technology to control the angular spectrum of the tool source via illumination filter plates (IFP) in the exposure optics. The optimum IFP design depends on feature dimensions, feature shapes, and the proximity gap. The optimum combination of IFP design and mask layout modification improves the quality of proximity lithography. Simulation is essential for this source-mask optimisation.


LAB provides full simulation from light source to the 3D resist profile after development. It supports the different SÜSS mask aligner models with their exposure optics. It is possible to simulate a mask layout using the different source shapes and determine which is the best for the specific mask and exposure conditions. It is also possible to optimise the light source in combination with the mask layout. The user has complete access to do a wide range of per-exposure estimation and pattern feasibility analysis, thus saving time and cost.